Trigger Point Dry Needling

Having trouble getting rid of
that pesky knot in your upper back?

Do you suffer from:

Tension headaches?

Tennis elbow?

Plantar fasciitis?

Chronic muscle strain?

Trigger point dry needling is a very effective physical therapy method for resolving myofascial pain conditions.
It involves multiple advances of a thin monofilament needling into the muscle belly rendering it more relaxed and less painful. To date, most health plans to not cover this service as there is not a specific medical code for this intervention.

Don’t go to just anyone for your needling! Julie was one of the first physical ​therapists in Wisconsin to become certified to perform dry needling. She has literally ‘needled’ thousands of clients. Julie is both level 1 & 2 certified. What does this mean, exactly? She can provide you with treatment to a wider range of muscles and has the experience and skill set to ensure you receive the safest and most effective needling session.

To learn more about trigger point dry needling, visit:

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