Billing & Payment

During every appointment, be assured that you will receive a thorough evaluation/re-evaluation, including deliberate application of the most appropriate treatment techniques for your condition.

This is a different kind of physical therapy experience. Treatment is patient-centered. You will receive hands-on skilled manual therapy treatment AT EVERY SESSION. This may include myofascial release, massage, acupressure/deep tissue, and/or joint mobilization/manipulation.

I currently do not bill health insurances directly. I accept ApplePay, PayPal, cash, check or credit card. (FYI – I will add a 3% transaction fee for credit card processing).

Prices are specific to the time we spend together & the treatment provided:


$150 —  initial evaluation & multi-modal treatment; 45-60 min
$125 —  follow-up treatment:  30-45 min (does not include dry needling)
$150 —  follow-up treatment:  45-75 min (includes dry needling)
$200 —  follow-up treatment:  75-90 min (includes dry needling)

$125 —  deep tissue / sports massage; 45-60 min
$125 —  myofascial release; 45-60 min

$50   —  video chat: 30 minutes

***These prices reflect out-of-pocket payment received on the day of treatment**
I am happy to provide receipt of your out -of -pocket payments for your use with Flex, HSA, and/or end-of-year  medical expense tax paperwork.

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