Hi Julie! Woke up feeling great and went for a nice 7 mile run first thing this morning! Thanks for working your magic 🙂

I feel much less sore this morning than last night. Pain on the first steps out of bed….much less than it has been. Happy face!

Your foot massage did the trick! I have been walking 2 miles everyday with very little (if any!) pain! thank you sooooooo much. Any exercise or self-massage tips I can do to keep this going? I have been doing the “first rib” ball/tick exercise morning and evening. Arm numbness has decreased a lot – still a little bit if I am on the computer too long or try lo lay on that side- but much better than before our session! Thanks for your magic hands. Let me know if you think I should schedule monthly or bi-monthly sessions or just as needed. I want to stay ahead of it!

Dear Miracle Worker, I’ve been meaning to email you to THANK YOU!!!! I was literally dancing around the house after out appointment, my mom was laughing. I feel like a brand new person. Zero issues and have been foam rolling and doing the band exercise. It’s crazy how much my body and mood have improved. ANOTHER GIANT THANK YOU. Its so nice to know that there is a cure if it happens again.

Right shoulder definitely feels better, thank you. Who knew a few needles could help so much. Swimming these last two days is noticably improved. Toes surgery Thursday, probably will wait for next session till the week after. Thanks again.

Hi Julie, you helped me so much last December with my hip and I was wondering if you could see my husband!! He has back issues on and off for years and surgery….the dry needling you did for me really did help and I was wondering if you think it could help him too.

HI Julie, I just wanted to let you know how much better I am feeling Its amazing. I slept so much better last night. I just wanted to thanks you ! So far so good!!

My neck is back to. normal. As you suspected. the mRI showed pinched disks at C5-6 and C6/7. Loaning me that neck stretcher was a godsend. Thank you so much Julie. You are the best.

You are the Bomb, Julie!I am tremendously excited about the possibilities ahead. Thank you so much for your professional attention. Semper Fi (forever faithful)

The mental game for me is a tuff one….but it really really helps to have skilled knowledgeable advice so close! I am sure that I am able to do the things that I love with your help!! Right knee is SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

Julie, A quick update – I AM BETTER!!! About 90% back to myself from pain /limitation perspective. Essentially 100% in terms of mood. I can t tell you how happy I am about all of this. You have been so helpful and supportive throughout this time. Thanks Julie.

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